Reader, I Married Him

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…a very sexy gothic that can be read in one hot, yummy gulp … The author has a magical way with words. Long and Short Reviews

…an adequately erotic and disturbing atmosphere… Bronte Blog

a deliciously perverse slice of erotica, full of naughty things that you won’t typically find in a mainstream romance story, but it also has some unexpectedly heartwarming moments…. Very hot, very entertaining, and a most adorable perversion of the Jane Eyre story with a few emotional scenes that actually make an impact, Reader, I Married Him is just too much fun. Mrs. Giggles

It’s clear the author knows the original well enough to delve into the world of Jane Eyre and make it her own. Whether or not you like the result of such an adaptation is entirely up to you. The eroticism pushes boundaries and breaks the rules of the romance genre, the characters are subtly shaded in grey, and there is enough emotion to make the story satisfing and engaging. Different, shocking, fun, and very hot, it gets 4 1/2 stars from me, rounded up to 5 because I love the title. Amazon review by Gialdini

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