Reader, I Married Him

What if it was Mr. Rochester chained up in the attic?

In this affectionate, erotic tribute to Jane Eyre, Thornfield Hall holds more than one secret. Jane’s carefully laid plans of revenge and lust unravel when a pair of strangers, posing as her cousins, bring love into the picture. and new chapters open in their lives.

You’ll never think of Jane Eyre the same way again…

This is a previously published novella with adult content.

A breeze whipped around the battlements, tossing Rochester’s waves of black hair, and swirling Diana’s skirts around her ankles.

“What shall you do now?” Diana asked.

“Take back my house. Take back my life, if I can. I’ll send that succubus packing…” His voice wavered. “The first time I saw her, so small and pale, I thought her a fairy, a magical being. She lured me in, Miss Rivers, took me into her enchanted cave and I came out a different man, the world changed because I am. It might as well be a hundred years hence. But where the devil is she?”

“Safe enough. She’s with my — the man I call my brother.”

“Hmm.” He leaned his back against the battlements and looked at her. “I have this feeling, Miss Rivers, you and your so-called brother are up to no good.”

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