Mr Bishop and the Actress

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…light-hearted, uplifting, cheeky, a delightful guilty pleasure, and a great antidote to the daily routines of our modern lives.

… the book has stayed with me, and just thinking about Harry and Sophie makes me smile. Dear Author

Told in the alternating viewpoints of Sophie Marsden Wallace, an ‘actress’ and courtesan, and Harry Bishop, an upstanding and well-mannered steward for a Viscount, this novel manages to be romantic and hilarious in equal part.  (In some places, it’s practically slapstick.)  Not only did I love Sophie and Harry, who are the unlikeliest-yet-most-lovely romantic pairing I’ve seen in a while, I adored literally every other character in this book.  On the surface, the characters seem a bit predictable — rakish Viscount, lovely ward, rapacious stage manager father — and yet, Mullany gives each character enough of a twist to make them surprising, interesting, and fun. Unabridged Chick

… charming and joyous … a really well done and very funny book. City Book Review

Quite the most appealing Regency setting I’ve yet encountered, it reads like a hilarious extended send-off of a rapturous romance novel epilogue. After honest Harry imposes a little order and shrewd, decent Sophie injects a bit of style, I’d move in in a New York minute. As might you, if you have any interest at all in the endlessly inventive ways that middling people like you and me make life livable and even romantic, told in a wise, delicious, take-no-prisoner comic voice. Pam Rosenthal

Mr Bishop and the Actress

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