Fun Notes

DedicationThis was my first published book and I wasn’t intending to write a traditional Regency. When the editor at Signet (NAL) called to make me an offer, she asked me to cut 20,000 words. My response: “I can do it, but the sex has to stay.”

“Okay,” she said without a moment’s hesitation.

And then I came up with idea of selling it, rewritten, to Loose-Id and naturally the problem then became that there wasn’t enough sex. It’s a dirty rotten job but someone had to do it… and I hope you like this new, sexier, longer version.

The Signet Regency line folded a few months after the publication of Dedication. I don’t believe I was entirely responsible.

Dedication occurred as my attempt to crack the romance code and to write a book about people I found interesting–I didn’t want a hero and heroine who were beautiful young innocents flirting in drawing rooms. I wanted characters who’d had full lives and successful relationships with other partners–people who were grown up enough to have fallen in love before, but also capable of making stupid mistakes. I was also interested in the regency as a period a generation away from the French revolution, and as a time when upper-class women enjoyed some intellectual freedom and often a very high level of education.

An earlier version of the book revolved around code-breaking and espionage, which is why the hero, Adam, is a mathematician. To my great sorrow I had to lose the villain and his untimely end, eaten by Adam’s pigs, something I am determined to recycle in another book.


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